Graduate and internship Opportunities

Tomorrow Vision: Your Future at Novartis

A diversified global company. The most talented minds in the world. A unique achievement-oriented culture that combines scientific innovation, industry leadership, and results-driven rewards with the motivation and professional development to succeed. You're looking at Novartis.

MBA Graduate: Your Breakthrough Opportunity

Working at Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation (Novartis) means having the power to improve lives with your ideas - those creative solutions that flourish when rooted in our nurturing environment. That's why we recruit top MBAs directly into career positions, as well as for our accelerated Management Development Program - a 24-36 month customized mentorship initiative that exposes candidates to cross-functional and/or international experiences.

Internship Program: Your Competitive Advantage

Novartis also seeks to build our talent pipeline with the best and brightest graduate and undergraduate students. A positive internship program experience can pave the way to a successful tomorrow, as you enjoy valuable networking opportunities and hands-on exposure to real time projects in key functional areas.