Pharma US Leadership

The success of Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NPC) is made possible by the members of our Pharma Executive Committee (PEC). Our Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation Pharma Executive Committee (PEC) consists of respected industry leaders and visionaries who share a common passion for innovation and excellence in execution.


Fabrice Chouraqui

Head, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation


Bryant Aaron

VP and Chief Compliance Officer, NPC, and US Country Head, Ethics and Compliance

Brian Hannifin

VP and Head, Pharmaceutical Technical Operations, US

Bill Hinshaw

Executive VP, US Oncology

Marcia Kayath

VP and Head, US Clinical Development and Medical Affairs

Thomas Kendris

President, Novartis Corporation and US Country President


Caryn Parlavecchio

VP and Head, Human Resources, NPC, and US Country Head of HR

Peter Canavan

Head, Quality Assurance, US Country Pharma Organization